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Immersive Technologies Online: Changing the Business World for the Better

Our ability to think out of the box defines us above the food chain. We may not be stronger than apes, but it’s not the primates that are putting us in cages. It’s the other way around. And in the time of the virus, such out-of-the-box thinking is once again in full display. We’ve placed


Technology and Manufacturing: Enhancing Products for Customers

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of manufacturing processes. Manufacturers must be able to produce high-quality products to establish a competitive advantage. The rise of technology has enabled manufacturers to improve the products that they produce for their customers. For example, manufacturers of home items such as mink blankets, home furniture, curtains, and rugs

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How The Tech-savvy Rule The Hobby-to-Hustle Lifestyle

Hustle culture has been around since long before social media personalities. Key entrepreneurs made the trend surge in popularity because doing side-gigs on top of your full-time employment is not a novel idea. However, if there’s one thing we can’t deny about this generation is how the integration of technology allowed for a lot more

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Technology Can Cause Mental Health Issues but Aid in Treatment

Experts have warned that technology may be contributing to the epidemic of mental health in the United States, especially among young adults. The frequent use of social media and exposure to advertisements play a role in the rising number of people worldwide who are suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Research has already established

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Should You Use a Robot for Your Customer Service?

It is now more important than ever to use artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots in the customer service department. More than AI, you should also begin experimenting with the use of actual robots in delivering quality services to your customers. How many times have you received complaints about how your customer service staff treated the

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Technology’s Best Advantages in the Modern Home

Technology continues to provide people with many advantages in every aspect of life. The most notable achievements of technology usually revolve around businesses, which are thriving in the digital age. Eventually, it made its way to multiple parts of life like education and socialization easier and accessible. However, technology’s best contributions happen inside the modern

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Fast and Vast: the Internet’s Impact on Learning

Ever since the digital revolution started in the 1980s, the process of information dissemination has never been the same. A wealth of information has become easily available and accessible to all parts of the world. Just go to the world wide web, and news about what is happening around the globe is within reach in

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Smart Home Features: Important Things You Should Consider

We’re living in an age where almost everything is automated. Whether it’s ordering products online, surfing the web, cooking, and cleaning different parts of our home, the invention of new high-tech automated equipment has made much of our lives more convenient. Throughout the past few years, smart homes have been steadily rising in popularity. This

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Things You Might Not Know You Can Do with Your Smartphone

Smartphones have entered a universal cult status, something that everyone in the 21st century must own lest they be left by society. Many modern conveniences rely on smartphones and their multifunctional capabilities. Thousands of formerly analog features have now shifted to a digital format, allowing smartphones to harness them, effectively removing the need for analog

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New to E-commerce? Here Are Two Decisions that Can Have a Huge Impact

E-commerce is set to break another record within the next few years. By 2023, the total worldwide sales for the industry could reach around $6.3 billion. That’s almost twice the figures back in 2018. Around this time, too, e-commerce sales will be up to five times higher than in 2014. And even if the likes

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