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Using Modern Technology in Landscaping Design

Technology has made its way in all aspects of our life, including how we design our gardens. Landscaping nowadays incorporates a lot of new technology that can both improve the design and increase sustainability. It has become a useful tool in maintaining your garden. If you are considering getting landscaping done, you should consider these

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Less is More: The Minimalist Appeal of Flat Design

For people who have been using an iPhone since the beginning of time, they might recall the app icons before Apple released iOS 7. The icons had a glass finish and drop shadows. It was as if the icons were embossed from the home screen. Today, the latest iOS features flat icons. Gone is the


The Impact of COVID-19 on the Photography Industry and Photo Shoots

COVID-19 has affected almost all industries, but one that has suffered rather badly is the creative industry. Photographers, in particular, have all lost bookings due to the strict social distancing regulations. But it’s necessary, because the world seems far from eliminating the virus yet. That said, let’s find out how the photography industry has been

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What To Know About Starting A Landscaping Business

Starting a landscaping business is no easy feat. From figuring out how to acquire your equipment to effectively marketing your services, there are plenty of things you need to oversee in order to guarantee your business’ success. If you’re interested in setting up a landscaping business of your own, this guide will give you a good

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