Three powerful ways to market and brand your business

If you are in business, you probably already have a website and use social media. Even though you may be doing all the right things, the results might be tepid. How do you rev that up and make yourself truly stand out in a crowded marketplace?  Following these three steps together of having a branded book, an audio book or podcasts, and videos, will give you a giant leap above the crowd.

As owner of a hybrid publishing & promotion company, I see first-hand what a book can do for your business. The following bullet points are true for video and podcasts too. Your content can be repurposed into other media, strengthening your reach, your message, and your brand. Read below for more details, and consider that using all three is a perfect storm of marketing success.

Here’s what books, podcasts/audiobooks, and videos can do for your business:

  • Give you visibility
  • Build immediate credibility and establish you as the expert
  • Become an impressive introduction to new clients
  • Can become your key to speaking engagements
  • Can allow people to get to know you as a person they might want to do business with
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  1. Publishing a book about your specialized area can dramatically change your business. I have seen business owners use publishing a book in different ways: Some use it to establish their expertise, reaping the rewards of speaking engagements leading to new clients, or for extra income as they sell it from their website or Amazon. Others use it as a text and sell it at their workshops. I have seen the look of pride and excitement in their eyes when they receive their first paperback copy. They know how this book is about to change their lives.

What does it cost?

As you know, time is money.  You can learn to produce a book yourself, but it is not easy, and there is pretty big learning curve.  Think of it this way: You can learn to change your own oil and tune up your car too, but unless these are skills that you really want to acquire, your time might be better spent developing your business.

To have your book professionally designed, published (paperback and ebook) and distributed to a world-wide audience and receive a little basic promotion including a media kit and a marketing strategy session, our basic package is $2599.  I have seen companies offer it for less, with less support, but some price it for much more, for the same support.  Be sure when you compare prices that you have a clear understanding of what services you are buying.  Also consider the personal care and service that you will be receiving.  This is a big deal, so make sure you are comfortable with your publisher and clear on the services that you are buying.


  1. Audio Books and Podcasts can develop a whole new audience, while establishing your expertise. The NY Times recently reported that the audiobook market is the “fastest-growing format in the publishing industry,” with growth of over 37% in January and February of 2016 over last year. It’s prime time for audio! Content that you develop for a blog or a book chapter can easily be re-purposed into podcasts or a whole audio book.  A double benefit is that your content can be transcribed and used for blogposts or chapters in a book.

What does it cost?

For the cost of a good microphone and some audio software, you can create podcasts yourself, but again, there is the “oil-change factor”, where there is a learning curve to produce a professional quality podcast or audio book.  Then you can download your mp3’s, and use them as regular podcasts. Be sure to find a quiet place to record, even a closet insulated with blankets will do.  Some background noise can be edited out later, but it’s best to have a good environment to start. There are professional readers to be had, music to brand your show to be mixed in.  If you are thinking of a radio show, you can easily set one up on, where you can turn your computer into a radio studio and you can interview guests remotely.


  1. Video is the most powerful and accessible medium for social media and your website, and, it can be immediate. A professionally produced clip or animation lets people get to know you, and see you as the expert.  Video can directly reach your market through the use of hashtags.  You can start your branded YouTube channel featuring you as an expert, and it is a great way to get your message out. This is the most impactful if you post on a regular basis. YouTube is actually the one of the biggest search engines at this time, allowing you to hyperlink to your website, social media, or landing pages, as well as use advertising on their platform. The audio on your videos can also be ripped (separated out) and transcribed, providing you with content for blog posts and books.

What does it cost?

Creating a video can be as easy as using your smartphone with a tripod, using Facebook Live or a Google Hangout, that can go right up to YouTube. However, it’s always a good idea to dress your video for success by branding it with an intro, adding interesting cutaways and titles, and possibly background music (get royalty free music on YouTube or Some of this editing can now be done simply right on YouTube. Make sure that your audio quality, lighting, and photography are of good quality, conveying that you are professional. The price can range from free if you put a little time into it all the way to thousands of dollars if you are hiring a film crew.

Can I find all these services in one place? Merrimack Media, a hybrid-publishing and promotion company, prepares, designs, publishes, distributes, and can even market your book, videos and can help you brand your own radio show.  We can help you develop and cross-purpose your content into powerful videos and podcasts.  Not a writer?  We have a Talk Your Book program to turn your dictated expertise into usable media.

Jenny Pivor is founder and CEO of Merrimack Media, and she has been branding authors and small businesses for 20 years. Get a free consultation with Jenny to learn more. You can request a time by email:

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